Kofi Powdered Glass Crafted Ghanaian Wrist Beads


Shop our earthy Spiral Gold and Red ​glass crafted Ghanaian waist beads made from colourful, durable glass beads sourced from the famous bead region of Koforidua which attracts global bead buyers from the comfort of your home.

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Our Kofi wrist beads/ bracelets are made of a combination of colourful powdered glass beads of different sizes, with a gold charm and tag/ name tag with the name Kofi, which is an Akan masculine name meaning born on a Friday. Our Kofi wrist beads make a perfect gift for that special boy to remind them they are lively, authoritative, ambitious, self-assured and passionate. ​Our bracelets are made from powdered glass from the famous bead region of Koforidua where artisans make world-renowned beads. Our glass beads aren’t only colourful but are durable as well, guaranteeing you that our product will last. Powdered glass is made from recycled glass, so not only will you look stylish in our wrist beads, you’ll look good while helping save the environment, now that’s environmentally conscious. Our beads are built light, for a very comfortable fit

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Dimensions 4 × 2 × 6 in


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