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  • Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Yaa means “Girl born on a Thursday” who is Skillful in dealing with people, confidant, persistent, intelligent and optimistic.

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  • Kwaku Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Kwaku is a boy’s name meaning “Born on a Wednesday” who is calm, reserved and can often appear distant who are simple and quite shy and modest.

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  • Akua Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Akua means “Girl born on a Wednesday” who has a strong personality although she is a secretive and rather complex creature who combines spontaneity with thoughtfulness and reflection.

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  • Kwabena Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Kwabena is a boy’s name meaning “Born on a Tuesday” who is Lively, communicative and adaptable, and charming and very likeable.

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  • Abena Name Plate Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Abena means “Girl born on a Tuesday”, who is active, energetic, resourceful, freedom-loving and adventurous all at once.

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  • Kwadwo Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Kwadwo is a boy’s name meaning “Born on a Monday”, who are thoughtful, introspective, anxious, reserved and in search of wisdom.

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  • Adwoa Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Adwoa means “Girl born on a Monday, who appears determined and original, bursting with vitality and a zest for life.

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  • Kwasi Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Kwasi is a boy’s name meaning “Born on a Sunday” who is a courageous, energetic and masculine man.

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  • Kwame Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Kwame is a boy’s name meaning “Born on a Saturday” who is masculine, exudes power and authority, and is realistic, practical and grounded

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  • Ama Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Ama means “Girl born on a Saturday” who is charming, pleasant and who is sensitive, and has an active imagination and nervous disposition

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  • Kofi Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Kofi is a boy’s name meaning “Born on a Friday” who is lively, authoritarian, ambitious, self-assured and passionate man.

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  • Afia Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Afia means “Girl born on a Friday” who is energetic and determined, are ambitious, enterprising and not lacking in courage, especially when they are motivated.

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  • Yaw Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Yaw is a boy’s name meaning “Born on a Thursday” who seeks perfection, and is independent, resourceful, practical, and patient.

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  • Akosua Bracelets Name Plate


    The name Akosua means “Girl born on a Sunday” quick-minded, versatile, and very expressive. You are adaptable and creative in responding to new situations.

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