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Handcrafted indigenous and rare Akan and West African jewelry and organic health, beauty and wellness products

Our Story 

Adadekofi.com is a global online boutique store specializing in a variety of authentic products handcrafted by Ghanaian artisans and steeped in Akan traditions that date back to the 11th century. We have curated an array of indigenous and rare Akan and West African body jewelry, beads, bracelets,  necklaces, and several organic and natural beauty and skin care products.

All of our products embody the spirit of a holistic healthy and culturally wise lifestyle sold at a competitive price. We have partnered with established West African merchants and business owners to import the most authentic products available.

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Brooklyn based married couple Kofi Osei and Rubie Inez Williams created and began developing  Adadekofi.com in 2002 with a mission to introduce the rich Akan culture and way of life to the African diaspora and beyond. They crafted their products with spiritual, physical, and mental holistic formulations that support the mind, body, and spirit. 

Adadekofi.com aspires to share the beauty and talents of West African artisans and strengthen connections between African-descended people on both sides of the Atlantic.


Adadekofi.com handcrafted jewelry shares the variety and beauty of African artisans from various places on the continent and in the diaspora. The jewelry comprises neckwear, wrist beads, elbow-wear, knee-wear, waist beads, and ankle-wear.



hand-crafted Ghanaian necklace


Colorful Charm Bracelets

Adinkra Gold Pendants

Health, Beauty & Wellness

Adadekofi.com beauty products provide focused intentions to attract positive energy and repel negativity. Our spiritual baths, soaps, spiritual oils, & shea butters embody blessed and sacred ingredients to support a specific spiritual or wellness related goal. If used regularly they can heal, purify, and uplift your spirit.

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