About Us


Adadekofi.com is a global online boutique store specializing in a variety of authentic products handcrafted by Ghanaian artisans and steeped in Akan traditions that date back to the 11th century. We have curated an array of indigenous and rare Akan and West African body jewelry, beads, bracelets,  necklaces, and several organic and natural beauty and skin care products.

All of our products embody the spirit of a holistic healthy and culturally wise lifestyle sold at a competitive price. We have partnered with established West African merchants and business owners to import the most authentic products available. 

Brooklyn based married couple Kofi Osei and Rubie Inez Williams created and began developing  Adadekofi.com in 2002 with a mission to introduce the rich Akan culture and way of life to the African diaspora and beyond. They crafted their products with spiritual, physical, and mental holistic formulations that support the mind, body, and spirit.


Adadekofi.com co-founders Nana Kofi Osei Ababio is an Okomfo [Priest] to Nana Adade Kofi and Nana Afia Baakan Ababio is an Okomfo [Priest] to Nana Esi Ketewaa dedicated at the Akonnedi Shrine in Kubease Larteh, Ghana. Nana Osei was born into the Akom tradition and trained under the tutelage of Okomfohene [Chief Priest] of the Nana Asuo Gyebi Shrine, Nana Yaw Yirenkyi Opare Gyebi I. Nana Afia Baakan trained at The Banafo Bosumfie II under the tutelage of Nana Akosua Kodia Dunyo Ababio, Okomfohema [Chief Priestess] of The Banafo Shrine II. 

Nana Osei and Nana Afia studied the Abosum (Ancient Spirits) Nana Adade Kofi, Nana Akonnedi Abena, Nana Asuo Gyebi, and Nana Esi Ketewaa during their training process. Throughout their training, they learned how to prepare traditional medicines essential to healing and uplifting their community. After years of studying ancient indigenous herbalism and spiritual traditions, which included creating teas, herbs, all-natural remedies, and spiritual baths they have chosen to share their knowledge and wisdom of the ancestors and elders with people throughout the African Diaspora in order to enlighten and uplift the world.