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  • Spiritual Waters and Baths Love & MoneyProtection

    Spiritual Waters

    Jojoba essential oil, honeysuckle oil, ancient attraction oil. Product options: Attract Money Spiritual Water, Keep Evil Away Spiritual Water, Protection Spiritual Water, Attract Soulmate Spiritual Water

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  • Shea Butter Shea Butter Love & MoneyProtection

    Shea Butter

    Shea butter, Vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, honeysuckle essential oil, and indigenous Ghanaian herbs. Products options: Spiritual Protection,
    Joint Inflammation, Attract Money

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  • Spiritual Baths Spiritual Waters and Baths FertilityLove & MoneyProtection

    Spiritual Baths

    Traditional Ghanaian herbs, river water, sand and prayers.

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  • Protection Talisman Talismans Protection

    Protection Talisman

    Treated Leather & Special Akan blend of herbs made by Okomfo (priest) Ward off all types of negative energy and interactions, even persistent thoughts of fear, inadequacy and self-sabotage that can undermine success.

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  • Luck, Protection & Positive Energy Soap Soap Protection

    Luck, Protection & Positive Energy Soap

    Made with peppermint essential oil, palm kernel oil, plantain bark, shea butter and indigenous Ghanaian herbs, Adadekofi black soaps are formulated to repel negative energy and attract luck, protection and positivity.

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